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BACKGROUND: A Fortune 500 Company recognized that their marketing hadn’t evolved with the ever-increasing multicultural make-up of the United States and therefore existing customer loyalty and new customer opportunities were being missed. A corporate decision was made to focus on the Hispanic market given its size and product purchasing habits and potential.

METHODOLOGY 1: EC Insights first analyzed secondary information including sales data, syndicated publications, marketplace offerings, and online resources to identify key Hispanic trends, cultural values, demographics, and relevant product category needs. This data led to EC Insights’ recommendation to focus on revising the existing product communication materials language to ensure customer literacy, adding imagery representative of Hispanic people and their values, and exploring product services that were relevant and meaningful to the Hispanic market.

The company agreed to explore these measures within one of their main product categories and to proceed with market research to create, explore, and test communications and service offerings with the Hispanic market throughout the United States.

METHODOLOGY 2: EC Insights led brainstorming workshops with the client and linguistic experts to develop new language and concept ideas. Collaboration with a select market research firm followed to conduct ideation focus groups where respondents built on the concepts that were most meaningful to them and explored language and visuals for understanding and impact. This research was followed by on-line quantitative concept testing among Hispanic consumers throughout the United States.

RESULTS: The project concluded with recommendations grounded in Hispanic customer insights on how to adapt product language and imagery to better resonate with these customers along with two key support service concepts to further explore.

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