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BACKGROUND: A global pharmaceutical company wanted to positively differentiate and increase customer loyalty of their oncology business unit by becoming the most “customer-centric” oncology company.

METHODOLOGY: EC Insights helped define the business questions to “What does it mean to customers (direct and indirect) to be “customer-centric”, how important is it to customers that a pharmaceutical company be “customer-centric”, what are the best ways companies (pharmaceutical and other) can show customers they are ”customer-centric”, and how do current companies rate on their abilities to be “customer-centric”?”’ We then conducted ndividual interviews with thought leaders, oncologists, caregivers and patients preceded and followed by client brainstorming workshops.

RESULTS: The company leveraged the findings on how to drive a meaningful and unique “customer-centric” positioning and positively strengthened and grew their position as a player in the oncology marketplace.

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