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BACKGROUND: A large pharmaceutical company was preparing for new product launches into its existing diabetes portfolio and needed to know how to best communicate this portfolio to healthcare professionals.

METHODOLOGY: EC Insights kicked-off with a client workshop to uncover and discuss key project input such as product prioritization, current sales and future sales objectives, sales force details, and product information. Further internal workshops were then run to brainstorm and select different portfolio sales strategies to explore with target customers and the sales force.  EC Insights helped collect reactions to and preferences for various portfolio sales strategies through individual interviews and online surveys and bulletin boards with targeted healthcare professionals and internal sales force.  A detailed report and recommendations based on analysis of this primary (reactions/preferences) and secondary (current sales/forecasts and sales interaction settings) data was delivered to the client.

RESULTS: The recommended approach was accepted and led to a successful launch of the new products and optimization of the existing portfolio because it combined customer and sales force preferences and knowledge with company strategic objectives.

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Tags: Communications

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